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Monita is one of the most cost-effective franchises you can invest in.

  • No brick-and-mortar leasehold
  • No fit-out
  • No vehicle requirements – use your current vehicle!
  • Purchase supplies and equipment when you need them as you earn cleaning jobs

Your initial franchise fee starts at $12,500*. Depending on the size of the territory you will operate your Monita franchise in depends on the total investment.

The remainder of your investment is nominal:

Business insurance
Minimal advertising budget
A computer
Cleaning supplies
An entrepreneurial mindset

Get Started Today

Inquire with us today and a representative from our franchise development team will walk you through your total investment so that you have the proper expectations.

*Your franchise fee is determined based on the population of your territory. This information is expressed clearly in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

Franchise With Monita