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Franchise Discovery Process

Investing in any franchise is an important decision. That’s why Monita structures our franchise discovery process the way we do. We encourage our franchisee candidates to take their time when learning about us, to ask any question you can possibly think of, partner with trusted advisors to help you to the conclusion that Monita is a good fit for you on YOUR terms.

Inquire With Us

After reading the information available on our website, inquire with us using the short form below so that a member of our franchise development team can get in touch with you to help you learn more. We start with a brief introductory call where you can ask your initial questions, we can ask you a few questions and help you understand how the rest of the process works.

Learn About Monita In Our Systematic, Educational Sales Process

You will learn all there is to know about the Monita franchise opportunity over a 4-6 week period. We will provide you with educational content about our brand covering different aspects of the opportunity as you progress.

Complete Our Confidential Franchisee Application

After you learn a bit about Monita and we each agree that you’re qualified to this point, we will ask you to complete our confidential franchisee application. This gives us the opportunity to learn more about you, your employment history, business experience, education and financial qualifications.

Receive Our Franchise Disclosure Documentation

All franchise concepts represent the terms of their business opportunity in a standard document called a franchise disclosure document (FDD). This document explains all of the fine details about the investment as well as your relationship with Monita Franchising. This documentation contains detail about what you can expect to earn from your Monita franchise as well as the actual agreement you will sign to come on board.

Attend Discovery Day

Discovery Day is held regularly in Monmouth County, NJ and is your opportunity to meet the founders of the Monita brand, see our operation firsthand, ask your final questions and truly “dot your i’s” and “cross your t’s”. We want you to feel completely comfortable with the leaders of the company who you are ultimately getting into business with. This is the final step before we award you a franchise.

Franchise Awarded

Assuming all goes well at each stage of the process for you and for us, after you attend Discovery Day you will be officially awarded a territory to operate your Monita business and you may sign your franchise agreement. At this point you can begin sourcing your supplies, complete your training, staff your business and you’ll soon be ready to take on your first estimate and ultimately your first commercial cleaning job.

Franchise With Monita